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Performance Testing International Auto City

2015-05-25 01:37:57

An engine cylinder tightness testing

Factors affecting the tightness of seven cylinders, mainly cylinder wear, damage piston rings, pistons wear, damage the valve seat, valve guide wear, several aspects of the cylinder head gasket is damaged, valve clearance and other issues.

Commonly used diagnostic methods which Nigeria There cylinder pressure measurement, crankcase blow-by gas, cylinder gas leakage and leakage rate, intake manifold vacuum cylinder piston group due to excessive wear caused by vibration measurement of large abnormal sound, the crankcase is the particle content of wear metals Determination.

For the compression cylinder pressure is measured, the main four-stroke engine is the pressure when the end of the compression. Because of the lower cylinder pressure and viscosity of the oil and cylinder piston group and other cope with the situation, adjust the valve mechanism is correct, cylinder head gasket sealing and other factors, so when measuring engine cylinder pressure cylinder piston group can be diagnosed seal, if piston rings, valves, cylinder pad if sealing is good, then the valve clearance must be appropriate.

Second, the detection muffler solid

Muffler outer tube and inner honeycomb body constituted in two parts due to the high temperature, vibration, and other special environment by mechanical package deduction process combined. We know the quality of this process designed to rely on precision, if combined with the use of the car is not strong because of high temperatures, vibration and other factors loose or fall off. But let us be assured that the quality of the first relevant departments have made quite stringent requirements for the technology.

For practical detection method detection tool industry are using universal testing machine with a compression plate fixture, so that the upper and lower muffler two members related by shear force. Measured results of repeated error should be less than 5%.

Third, the interior detection

Interior includes seats to form materials, interior decoration materials and boxes with sticky adhesive. The main testing their safety: 1 2 hazardous gas flame retardant.

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