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2015-05-25 01:37:34

In 2010, China's auto parts industry, thanks to the rapid development of automobile companies have made great strides to make our deep understanding, auto parts companies and car companies have joint development, such as synchronous development, vehicle support, multi-use domestic auto parts. If the car companies to buy foreign energy major parts products, will cause a lot of key parts are foreign controlled enterprises, the domestic parts can also cause a lot of damage. The key to solving this phenomenon is that parts enterprises must enhance their own strength, in order to establish a group of parts to compete with foreign parts. If successful domestic independent auto parts Code Fanfashite, universal, are made up of small businesses, product quality, on many models on the models can be used in a given period many foreign parts enterprises are not way to compete with them.

First, the domestic auto parts enterprises launched in support of national policy, it should make an effort, not satisfied with the status quo. In product development, increase strength, and vehicle matching the expansion, the firm forward, otherwise there may be foreign enterprises devour. Second, the small risk of foreign parts products, quality assurance, domestic car companies will bulk purchase, so the domestic parts enterprises should own management and quality of the good relations, otherwise people will not dare with your product.

Extends from the traditional key components of new energy components to the conclusion is the same, otherwise the other key components are foreign occupation, go imitation of others for their own development can also cause a very negative impact, so the quality of the product is very important. For consumable filters, brake pads industry development at the level of a certain period of domestic enterprises is still very good, especially the filter industry. On the increase in car ownership in China, so the consumables market is also very large, there is no problem on the level of manufacturing and research and development costs, the main need more attention in terms of quality, and make good use of our strengths and quality, allowing users to rest assured.

In 2011, the overall trend of China's auto industry remains optimistic, there should be an increase of about 10%. But there are some negative factors, such as the end of 2010 it will cancel preferential policies, while the housing market, the stock market situation is not very good. So there are some people afraid to buy a car assault policy changes, and even the phenomenon of hoarding car, it will result in 2010, 30% to 40% growth. Objectively speaking in 2011 China's auto industry will become more rational development, if an annual 30% to 50% increase is not necessarily reasonable, too fast tend to be some unexpected problems, and companies have gradually toward standardization, rationalization.

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