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Pan Bridge in northern Fujian in southern Zhejiang Wenzhou large auto parts to fill gaps in the market

2015-05-25 01:36:46

"Behind the more than 500 billion industry support, in front of more than 50 billion after the car market big cake, but not one that matches the professional market." This is embarrassing the current development of Wenzhou auto parts and supplies industry. But since the Feb. 10 Wenzhou PANQIAO occasion Motor City Auto Parts Market project was officially launched, such an embarrassing situation eased, industry insiders commented, "This is auto parts and supplies industry operating companies, will be an entry Lord Wenzhou market opportunities. "

Wenzhou PANQIAO occasion Motor City - "one-stop" big market complex

Currently, Vehicle Driving Training and Examination Center has been settled, the Motor City's used car market has reached a cooperation agreement with several operators used car brand, three domestic first-class brand of automobile 4S shop settled.

Southern Zhejiang and northern Fujian's largest auto parts distribution center supplies

"In the first phase of the auto parts market, we can almost all customers are given preferential policies, the purpose is to work with everybody to the market to do it," the person in charge PANQIAO interpersonal Motown said.

In addition, as government support key projects, auto parts market project is a project throughout the entire business ecosystem Motor City, the future PANQIAO occasion Motor City will become the future of Wenzhou commerce ground. In PANQIAO occasion also the layout of the car around the city of Wenzhou leather market, Wenzhou furniture market and Southlake urban complexes such as 35 professional market. According to the plan, PANQIAO occasion Motor City is situated in the town will be clear Ou to build a southern Zhejiang "business capital", to set the administrative office, business and trade, transportation hubs, the six leading industrial and logistics functions in one city district , resident population of 500,000, previously planned land size range for the central area of ​​7.19 square kilometers, expanded seven-fold to 50 square kilometers.

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