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Fifth guangrao International Auto Show opening 15-17 tires

2015-05-25 01:36:03

As an important event in the global rubber tire industry, "the Fifth China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire & Auto Parts Exhibition" will be held in the International Exhibition Center GUANGRAO 15-17 May. It is understood that this exhibition will be foreign buyers are expected to reach 1,500 people, the country will be more than 4.3 million visitors. During the exhibition will be held at the same second China (Guangrao) rubber tires recycling of resources 4 simultaneous meetings, exhibitions 3 Concurrent Shows and tire and rubber industry, new materials, such as the General Assembly and nine technical forums.

According to reports, the exhibition shows the basic work ready. Set seven indoor exhibition galleries, exhibition area of ​​over 40,000 square meters. 610 companies from over 40 countries and regions set up booths, including: more than 120 foreign exhibitors, tire production and trade enterprises more than 250 Fortune 500 companies reached 14, the world's top 75 enterprises of rubber tires reached 37 , the world's top 10 tire enterprises 8. Compared to previous years, an increase in special booth exhibition area of ​​more and more innovative design, is expected to reach 240, 90 square meters or more special booth also has 40.

During the same period of the exhibition events, conferences richer content, "exhibition", "would" combine more closely. It is reported that the exhibition will be held simultaneously during the Second China (Guangrao) resource recycling rubber tires Exhibition 2014 China (Guangrao) International Exhibition wheels, 2014 China (Guangrao) International Automobile Maintenance Equipment Exhibition 3 Concurrent Shows; held 2014 China (Guangrao) international tire and rubber new materials industry conference, Chinese Foreign Trade Promotion Management Seminar Chamber of Commerce, China Rubber Industry Association Rubber Machinery Mould Branch 2014 General Assembly and industry technical and business seminars, business matching between Thailand and guangrao will wait 4 the same period of the meeting. In addition, companies in Mexico Sa British company, Asia Dili Venter Fine Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., will also be on-site technical forum organized by nine games.

"Multi-known enterprises, foreign enterprises and more and more tire manufacturers, special equipment and more companies will become a distinctive feature of this exhibition." This tire exhibition organizing committee responsible person, the exhibition layout, combined with the resources held at the same tire recycling exhibition, international exhibition wheels, auto repair and maintenance equipment exhibition, the exhibition also highlights the characteristics of each pavilion.

Guangrao tire exhibition has been held for the fourth exhibition area of ​​40,000 square meters to the fourth from the first of 12,000 square meters, an increase of 230%; participating enterprises from 315 to 506, an increase of 60%; professional audience from 2.6 million to 4 million, an increase of 54%; special booth to reach 213; has become the largest, most special equipment tire professional exhibition booth. Fair trade talks active, fourth show the intention to reach a total trade agreement 1700, 34.6 billion yuan turnover intention.

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