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2015-05-22 16:41:36

Avoid heat
Engine piston temperature is too high, easily lead to overheating pillow melting occurs hold cylinder; rubber seals, triangle tape, tires overheat, easy to premature aging, performance degradation and shorten life; starters, alternators, regulators and other electrical equipment coil overheating, easily burned and abandoned.

Avoid dirty
Fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter and various filters and other parts if it is too dirty, it will lead to poor filtration effect. Tank heat sink, air-cooled engine block and cylinder head fins, coolers, heat sinks and other components too dirty, it will lead to poor cooling, the temperature is too high.

Engine cylinder head gasket can not be installed when you install anti, otherwise it will lead to premature cylinder head gasket erosion damage; unavailable when the engine fan blades installed backwards; to have the direction of the tire tread, tire herringbone pattern, the ground should make prints after installation pointing to the rear of the word tip.

Avoid missing
Engine air lock piece, should be installed in pairs, such as missing equipment or missing: will cause the valve piston and other parts out of control and crashed; engine connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, cotter pins mounted on the drive shaft bolts, tighten the screws, insurance tablets or locking device, such as a spring pad, once the missing equipment in use will likely result in serious malfunction; engine timing gear compartment for gear lubrication oil nozzle leak once installed, can cause serious drain there.

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