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2015-05-22 16:40:14


China auto parts industry scale ultra-trillion

China has become the world's third largest automobile producer and the second-largest auto market, auto industry entered a rapid development period. 2009 held in China International Machinery and Electronic Products Exposition released a report that the scale of China's auto parts market from 2000 to 2009, one hundred and seventy billion yuan to 10,000 yuan, in 2010 will reach 1.4 trillion yuan, The rapid growth.

The report co-authored by China CCCME and Expo Organizing Committee, the full development of our articles will be auto parts divided into three stages, the rise phase, phase fluctuations and transition phase. Of China's auto parts industry is in a transition stage, some parts of the factory is expected to become part of industrial giant, development prospects, the auto parts industry will become the most promising areas for future development.

The rise of industry

It is understood that China's export-oriented group with auto parts export-oriented enterprises is on the rise. 2009 China's total vehicle and parts exports amounted to $ 19.7 billion. Which auto parts, body, attachments related products accounted for 43% of exports, an increase of 51%. Due to rising raw material prices, vehicle profits decline, while the overall level of China's auto parts industry has increased, reaching international standards, international automobile giants have made auto parts procurement. As of the end of 2009, ranking the world's top one hundred automotive parts suppliers in at least 70% of business in China. Although the situation is encouraging, but long-term perspective, the auto parts enterprises should strengthen technological innovation and enhance the level of research and development, to create high value-added, high-tech content products. Such as engines, batteries, air conditioning compressor, car navigation systems, shock absorbers, brakes and other automotive products with higher added value, should accomplish much.

Need to standardize

2005 China's auto demand was 6.4 million, is expected in 2008 will be close to 15 million in 2009, needs 17 million, according to the relevant departments revealed that 2010 car ownership conservative statistics about 68 million, the number of all types of motor vehicles reached 190 million, consumables replacement auto parts market demand for auto parts led to greatly increased. According to incomplete statistics, the 2009 turnover of 390 billion domestic and foreign auto parts, auto parts 2010 domestic turnover is expected to 460 billion, mainly in auto parts production along the coast. At present, many domestic auto parts exist counterfeiting, infringement and other acts, the auto industry needs to be in order.

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