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Automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan

2015-05-22 16:36:56

The automotive industry is an important pillar industry of the national economy, the industrial chain length, associated with high, wide range of employment, consumer-driven large, plays an important role in the national economy and social development.

    To cope with the impact of the international financial crisis, the implementation of the CPC Central Committee and State Council to maintain growth, expand domestic demand, readjusting the structure of the general requirements, stable automobile consumption, accelerate structural adjustment, enhance independent innovation, promote industrial upgrading, promote China's auto industry sustainable, healthy, stable development planning is formulated as a comprehensive response to the automotive industry action plan. For the 2009-2011 planning period.

    First, the auto industry's current situation and the situation facing

    In the 21st century, the rapid development of China's automobile industry, the formation of multi-species, the full range of all types of vehicle and parts production and ancillary systems, industrial concentration continuously improve the level of product technology has improved significantly, has become the world's largest producer of cars. However, irrational industrial structure, technological level, self-development capacity is weak, imperfect consumer policy issues are still outstanding, energy, environmental protection, urban transportation and other constraints become increasingly apparent. Since the second half of 2008, with the spread of the international financial crisis and serious recession deepened international automobile market, the domestic auto market has been badly hit, leading to negative growth in industry-wide sales, key enterprises in economic decline, weak development of own-brand cars, our cars industrial development grim.

    It should be noted, industrial restructuring is a necessary requirement for further development. Automotive industry has experienced years of rapid growth, is bound to be a big adjustment to resolve the many contradictions internal structure and external environment accumulation, the international financial crisis, just ahead of the arrival triggered a restructuring period. At present, China's auto market is in a period of growth, the market potential is huge demand for urban and rural areas, the development of the automobile industry fundamentals have not changed. To actively cope with the international financial crisis and maintain steady and rapid economic development, we must accelerate the automobile industry restructuring and revitalization.

    Second, the guiding ideology, basic principles and objectives

    (A) the guiding ideology.

    Fully implement the spirit of the Seventeenth Party Congress, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as guidance, thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, through the implementation of an active consumer policy, develop urban and rural markets, stabilize and expand consumer demand for cars; to structural adjustment, promote the automobile business mergers and acquisitions, research and development of key technologies to accelerate technological innovation and enhance the quality of enterprises; new energy vehicles as a breakthrough, strengthen independent innovation, cultivate independent brands, create new competitive advantages, promote the automobile industry continued, healthy and stable development.

    (B) basic principles.

    Expansion of domestic demand, focus on fiscal and tax policy incentives and improving the consumption environment combined. We should focus on the current fiscal incentives to expand domestic auto market demand to ensure economic growth, but also long-term perspective, consumption policies, foster consumer market.

    Adhere to structural adjustment, pay attention to the role of the market and strengthen government guidance combined. The use of market mechanisms and macro-control means to promote corporate mergers and acquisitions, integrate elements of resources, improve industrial concentration, the automobile industry to achieve the organizational structure optimization and upgrading.

    Adhere to independent innovation, focus on the transformation of traditional products and the promotion of new energy vehicles combined. Strengthening technological innovation, improve the level of research and development, accelerate product upgrading and restructuring efforts to cultivate independent brands, and actively develop energy-saving environmental protection, new energy vehicles.

    Adhere to industrial upgrading, focusing on industrial development and value-added services combined. Automobile production enterprises should enhance manufacturing strength, but also to expand the auto finance business and product service, strengthening nexus of production and services, and promote mutual support and achieve coordinated development of the automotive industry and the automotive service industry.

    (C) planning objectives.

    1 car sales to achieve stable growth. 2009 auto production and sales and strive to over 10 million, three-year average growth rate of 10%.

    2 car consumption environment improved significantly. Establish a complete system of auto consumption policy and regulatory frameworks, reasonable car tax system science, modern automotive service system and intelligent traffic management system, the establishment of electric vehicle infrastructure supporting system for the stable development of the automotive market to provide protection.

    3. Market demand structure has been optimized. 1.5 liters less displacement passenger car market share of over 40%, of which 1.0 liters or less small-displacement car market share of over 15%. Heavy goods trucks proportion accounted for more than 25%.

    4 made significant progress in mergers and acquisitions. Through mergers and acquisitions, formation of 2-3 scale production and sales of more than 2 million large auto groups ,4-5 scale production and sales over one million auto groups, the number of automobile production scale enterprise group representing more than 90% of the market share by The current 14 down to less than 10.

    5 independent brand car market share expanded. Own-brand passenger vehicles in the domestic market share of over 40%, of which over 30% of cars. Own-brand car production and sales of exports accounted for the proportion of nearly 10%.

    6 electric car sales scale. Transformation of existing production capacity, the formation of 500,000 pure electric, plug-in hybrid and common type of hybrid and other new energy automobile production capacity, new energy vehicle sales accounted for about 5% of the total passenger car sales. Major passenger car manufacturers should have certified the new energy automotive products.

    7. Substantial increase in the level of vehicle development. Independent research and development of vehicle products, especially energy, environmental protection and safety indicators small displacement cars strive to reach the international advanced level. The main saloon developed products to meet regulatory requirements, heavy trucks, large passenger safety and comfort close to the international level, new energy vehicles overall technology reached the international advanced level.

    8 key components of technology to achieve independence. Engine, transmission, steering system, brake system, transmission, suspension systems, vehicle bus control system independent of the key components of technology, new energy vehicle-specific parts technology reached the international advanced level.

    Third, the main task of industrial restructuring and revitalization

    (A) development of the automobile consumer market.

    Take effective measures to curb the decline in auto sales momentum, to ensure stable growth in 2009. In the car purchase, use, disposal and other aspects of updating, adjustment and introduced to encourage automobile consumption, policy measures to restore market confidence. Cancellation of various clean-up is not conducive to the development of small cars provisions, taxes and other economic instruments guided by increased consumption of small cars.

    (B) to promote the automobile industry restructuring.

    Encourage FAW, Dongfeng, SAIC, Changan Automobile and other large enterprises to implement mergers and acquisitions in the country. Support BAIC, GAC, Chery, heavy truck and other auto companies implement regional mergers and acquisitions. Support auto parts backbone enterprises through mergers and acquisitions to expand the scale and improve the domestic auto ancillary market share.

    (C) to support business innovation.

    Enterprises as the main body, enhance product development capacity building. First, the establishment of vehicle design and development process to control the body, chassis and vehicle development technology, engines, transmissions and exhaust gas purification technology matching technology; breakthrough crash safety, NVH (vibration, noise, ride comfort) and other key technologies; Control new energy automotive design and manufacturing costs. The second is to improve the traditional passenger cars energy saving, environmental protection and safety technology. Displacement of 1.5 liters or less focused support to meet the China IV emission standards for vehicles with direct injection gasoline engine and a displacement of three liters or less, up more than 45 kilowatts developed power of the diesel engine. Breakthrough heavy commercial vehicle chassis integration of key technologies to improve vehicle ride comfort and handling stability. Focusing on high-pressure fuel injection diesel engine and electric control system, post-processing systems and commercial vehicle automatic shifting mechanical transmission (AMT) and other key technology research and development. The third is to establish strategic alliances automobile industry, the formation of industry, academia, research long-term cooperation mechanism.

    (Iv) implementation of technological innovation projects.

    Formulation of "the automobile industry and technological progress and technical innovation projects and product catalog," support the automotive industry and technological progress and structural adjustment, increase technological innovation. Focusing on new energy automotive power module industry, engine technology upgrades, advanced transmission industry, key components and key auto parts industrial technology center building an independent testing organization and the public "production, learning and research," a combination.

    Development to enhance the performance of critical vehicle components. Focus on supporting research and development vehicle stability, suspension control, drive slip control, electronic hydraulic braking, body bus, digital instrumentation and other electronic control systems, and more than a six-speed manual and automatic transmissions, dual-clutch automatic transmission and stepless automatic transmission, commercial vehicle automatic mechanical transmission control products.

    (E) the implementation of new energy vehicle strategy.

    Promote pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid cars and industrialization of key components. Dedicated to acquire new energy vehicles engines and power module (motor, battery and management systems, etc.) optimized design technology, the scale of production processes and cost control techniques. When you create a power module production system, the formation 1000000000 Ann (Ah) high-performance single car battery production capacity. Develop common type of hybrid vehicles and new fuel for automobile parts.

    (F) the implementation of independent brand strategy.

    Formulated in terms of technology development, government procurement, financing and other relevant policies to guide the development of automobile production enterprises will focus on its own brand as a business strategy, supported by automobile manufacturers through self-development, joint development, domestic and international mergers and acquisitions and other means to develop their own brands.

    (Vii) implement automotive products export strategy.

    Accelerating the country's auto and auto parts export bases. Construction automobile export, product certification, generic technology development, test, training, and other public service platform.

    (Viii) the development of modern automotive service industry.

    Accelerate the development of automotive R & D, production, logistics, automotive retail and service, car rental, used car trade, car insurance, consumer credit, parking, scrap recycling services, improve relevant laws, regulations and management systems. Support automobile production enterprises to speed up the backbone of the auto finance company, to carry out automobile consumption credit business.

    Fourth, the policy measures

    (A) passenger vehicle purchase tax reduction.

    Since 2009, January 20 to December 31, against 1.6 liters and below the reduced rate of 5% low-emission passenger vehicle purchase tax.

    (B) to carry out "car to the countryside."

    Arrangements 5 billion yuan of funds in the new central government investment, from 2009 March 1 to December 31, for farmers to buy 1.3 liters less displacement and micro-buses and three-wheeled vehicles or low-speed vehicles will be scrapped redemption of light truck, to give a one-time financial subsidies.

    (C) to accelerate the scrapping of old cars updates.

    Adjustment of financial subsidies scrapped automobile policies to increase subsidies to support efforts to improve the standard of subsidies to accelerate the elimination of old cars. 2009 old car scrapped by the total amount of subsidies of 600 million yuan in 2008 to 10 billion yuan.

    (Iv) eliminating unreasonable restriction provisions of the car.

    All localities and departments should carefully cleaning eliminate unreasonable provisions of the existing restrictions on vehicle purchase, including the license plate number registration, vehicle restrictions, various regional market protection measures, various administrative fees, foreign cars into the city charges and other direct or Indirect measures affecting the automobile purchase and before the end of March 2009 to clean up the situation reported to the State Development and Reform Commission. Where it is essential to retain the provisions of the purchase, from 2009 April 1 to December 31 to be suspended, the suspension can not be executed, should be before 10 March 2009 and approved by the State Council.

    (E) promote and regulate automobile consumption credit.

    Modify and improve automobile consumption credit system, pay close attention to the development of automotive consumer credit regulations, make credit investigation, credit handling, vehicle mortgage, loan guarantees, and other automotive consumer credit defaults disposal the whole process to achieve standardization and legalization.

    Support qualified domestic auto manufacturers to build the backbone of the auto finance companies. Promote the diversification of automobile consumption credit model, and promote the development of securitization of credit assets specification, supports auto finance companies to issue financial bonds.

    (Vi) to regulate and promote the development of second-hand car market.

    Used car appraisal to establish national standards and temporary property registration system, adjust the VAT collection methods used car transactions. Develop professional used car dealership business, advocacy car brand dealers to carry out trade in old cars, such as the replacement for old business. Cancel the used car market unreasonable charges, reduce transaction costs.

    Strengthening the used car market regulation, market access strictly business entities, regulate used car transactions, maintaining market order. Actively promote the Used Car Dealers Model Contracts protect consumers' legitimate rights and interests. Give full play to the role of industry organizations, strengthen self-discipline, and promote business integrity.

    (Vii) The construction of urban road traffic system.

    The development of modern urban comprehensive transportation system, improve the overall efficiency and level of modern management. Implementation of traffic flow works to encourage construction of urban rail transit facilities. The city government to take positive measures to promote the construction of car parks, parking norms. Transportation hubs should build large parking lots, convenient public transport interchanges, reducing traffic congestion pressure.

    (Viii) improving corporate restructuring automobile policy.

    Formulate policies and measures to support the restructuring of the auto companies, and properly solve the surplus personnel placement, transfer of corporate assets, liabilities and disposal approved, the distribution of benefits and taxation issues. Support auto manufacturers integrate product resources through mergers and acquisitions, new product development; encourage automobile manufacturers to jointly develop and manufacture the "automobile industry and technological progress and innovation projects and product catalog," the car of new products and key assembly. New automobile production enterprises and establish branches, the merger must be based on existing automobile production enterprises.

    (Ix) increased investment in technological advancement and technological innovation.

    Arrange 10 billion yuan in the next three years, the new central government investment as the technology advances, transformation of special funds to support car manufacturers for product upgrades, energy saving, environmental protection, security and other key technical level; developed to fill the gaps in key assembly products; construction vehicles and parts common technology platform for the development and testing; development of new energy vehicles and special parts.

    (J) to promote the use of energy-saving and new energy vehicles.

    Launch national saving and new energy vehicle demonstration project by the central government allocated funds to provide subsidies to support the demonstration cities to promote hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and other energy-saving and new energy vehicles. City government above the county level to formulate a plan, a priority in urban public transport, rental, service, sanitation, postal services, airports and other areas to promote the use of new energy vehicles; build electric vehicle fast charging network to accelerate the car parks and other public places, public charging facilities.

    (Xi) implement and improve the "Automobile Industry Development Policy."

    Pay close attention to the development of road motor vehicle regulations, improve the regulatory system for motor vehicles. Start of industrial research to enhance and protect the important role of standard-setting work, pay close attention to the system of new energy automotive product standards, test methods amendments. Implementation of the automobile (including motorcycles, three cars, low-speed trucks) manufacturers exit mechanism. Develop new energy vehicle access standards critical assembly. Research to develop three cars and low-speed vehicles to the relevant manufacturer of industrial restructuring incentives.

    Fifth, planning and implementation

    The State Council and relevant departments should follow the "planning" division of labor, strengthen communication and consultation and close coordination to develop and perfect the supporting policies and measures as soon as possible to ensure the realization of the automobile industry restructuring and revitalization of the three-year goals. To build information systems departments jointly issued a timely release information industry restructuring and revitalization of the community. Relevant departments should carry out timely, "planning" After evaluation, the evaluation timely advice.

    Each region according to the "plan" to determine the objectives, tasks and policy measures to step up the development of specific local conditions to implement programs to achieve substantial results. Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) To the new situation and the implementation of specific programs of work occurred during the new problems promptly submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission. 

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