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Introduction: Shanghai crown auto parts co., Ltd., since it was founded in 1990, through buliding new factories, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, investment, investment and the other channels,it successfully grows into a  China first-class full range of car accessories suppliers, and the manufactured auto parts include: engine system accessories, walking system parts, transmission parts, brake system parts, steering parts, etc.


Feb 1990, the company was founded in xi 'an city, and it set up the first factory in xi 'an, specialized in manufacturing auto brake valve, and its marketing headquarters is built up in world window -- - Shanghai city.


June 1992: Set up auto air filter manufacturing factory in Baoji city.


Sep 1993: Make the acquisition of xi 'an gearbox manufacturer


December 1993: Set up production line to produce the oil transfer pump, fuel pump and the other pump & valve products in Liupanshui city of Guizhou province. 


May 1995: Invest in Panzhihua city and established tire production line.


Feb 1997, Formally established company's overseas marketing department, and began to expand overseas market.


July 2000: Take a stake in Lanzhou city local automobile gear reducer and gear manufacturers for developing  company's product line.


Sep 2003: Purchased steering gear manufacturing equipments to start producing steering arm, drag link and the other related accessories.


December 2004, Take a stake in the automobile meter factory in Bijie city of Guizhou province, and set foot in developing automobile meter market.


March 2006: Expanded the Xi 'an auto car brake valve  factory, and added some new varieties of production such as: friction plate, relay valve, anti-lock braking system, etc.


December 2008: Made investment in Liupanshui city to build cars bearing manufacturing factory


September 2010: Hold the joint venture with Lanzhou city's local enterprises to manufacture the automobile shock absorber , which is engaged in production and sales of shock absorber


Jun 2013: Added new investments in Xi'an city's gearbox factory, expanding production capacity and scale.