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BaoTuan guangrao tire output exceeded 100 billion brand value to be improved
BaoTuan guangrao tire output ex
At the Fourth China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire & Auto Parts Exhibition, "transformation" has become a local tire industry hot topic. Annual output value of over 100 billion yuan, profits of more than 130 billion yuan, tire production capacity of 150 million. As the concentration of the tire industry, and more influential international exhibition venue rubber tires, guangrao is becoming synonymous with the domestic tire industry. But behind the glamorous figures conceal a short board on brand building. As the local Development and Reform Bureau, a responsible person said:. "In the past few years, the tire industry bigger guangrao from small forward, we will work to enhance the added value of the industry, the formation of the concept of regional brands."

The combined effect of significantly

Currently, there are 48 Guangrao rubber tire enterprises above designated size, in 2013 the total industrial Guangrao first 突破千亿元 tire industry, the output value of 101.55 billion yuan, the main business income of 99.73 billion yuan, profits of 13.16 billion yuan, profit 11.28 billion yuan, an increase of 27.3%, 27.3%, 28.4%, 25.3%, respectively. Radial tire production capacity to break 150 million, an increase of 15.4% compared to the end of 2012.

"Guangrao tire industry still exists a small monomer size, layout scattered, weak R & D capabilities, product-level and low structural problems this reason, in recent years, in order to carry on Guangrao create a national quality rubber tire production base in the county as the starting point take grab big help actor, the focus of development measures, and efforts to promote the rubber tire industry upgrading incremental cluster development. "county deputy magistrate Wang Xiaoyong introduction. 2014, guangrao tire market continued the good situation in 2013, 1-2 February, is expected to achieve the main business income of 18.94 billion yuan, profits of 2.26 billion yuan, profits of 1.93 billion yuan, an increase of 27.2%, 26.9%, 27.8% .

But one can not ignore the problem still is the lack of brand advantage. "China is a major exporter of tires, but mostly by the price advantage to seize the market. In many of our domestic brand competition is not dominant tire brand." Xingyuan Group chairman Song said in an extensive interview with this reporter. Another county business executives also bluntly, "Many domestic tire brand value is almost zero, the international brand tires can be sold for twice the price of many of our tires, the extra part is almost brand value."
2015-05-25 01:35:22